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V.A.L.T Project

Valorization of Art, Culture and Language in Vlora Region

Financed from the European Community

Aim of the project

This project aimed the valorization of art, culture and language in Vlora Region. Lead partner of this project was theLecce Province Italy. This project included 15 partners in Italy and Albania respectively the provinces of Lecce, Bari, Mediterranean Culture Institute of Lecce Region, Albanian Culture and Tourism Ministry, Eco Museum of Rock- Cursi Commune Italy, Auleda-Vlore, Teuleda-Durresi, Integra Onlus and Adrias Commune. Auleda agency was the only partner that operated about the project implementation in Vlora Region.

The activities of this project

Identification of cultural, historic and nature monuments in Vlora Region.

  1. Were identified about 65 monuments that has taken the statute of cultural, historical and natural monuments from the Culture Ministry and approved from the V.K.M (Ministers Council Decision). For all this monuments was prepared a complete information including their history, the belonging period, stylistic characteristics, photos and this actual statute. With this information’s were prepared lots of CD that served as very important promotional material for the territory
  2. Identification of typical traditional cooking’s and the publication of an ethno gastronomic publication common for Albania and Italy.
  3. Result of this project was the identification of 30 traditional cooking’s which identify Vlora Region end its traditional values.
  4. Basing to these materials was made possible the publication of a gastronomy manual in Albanian and English to serve to all the national and international tourists interested for the culture and tradition of Vlora Region.

Valorization of art, culture, religion and language.

  • Also is realized from lexicon linguistic specialists a survey about language and expressions of this area and were identified proverbs of Laberia Area.
  • These surveys were even publicized on the web page of Auleda Agency with the scope to serve to all the tourists interested for this area and to the researchers of these fields.
  • Very important and with surveys values was the survey realized about doctrine and the religious cohabitation as a very important promotional element of Vlora Region.
  • Through its collaborators Auleda Agency realized completed surveys about art focusing to traditional handicrafts, costumes, folk music and especially of Polyphony valued from UNESKO as World Human Heritage.

Promotion of the B&B structures of Vlora Region.

Through this activity the Agency “Auleda” increased its collaboration with Mikpritja Association created in the frame of another development touristy project

The Association “Mikpritja” of Vlora has as members different touristy operators that manage the B&B structures. In the frame of this project was created the network between the members of this association and the touristy agencies that operate in Vlora Region aiming the creation of attractive touristy package for national and international tourists with focus ecotourism and rural tourism.