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SSTLA Project

Development of the Local Tourist System in Albania

Financed from Marche Region

The project aim was the development of local tourist system in the district of Vlora, creation of B&B structures, capacity building in the B&B structure management. The project was implemented in Qeparo, Hore-Vranisht and Radhima villages, with great resorse for the rural tourism development..


  • Reconstruction of the traditional houses.
  • Training facilities for B & B
  • Creation of the association "Mikpritja" of B & B structures in the Region of Vlora.


  • Creation of the Association of B & B "Mikpritja".
  • Training for Facilities Management B & B for 65 farmers.
  • Creating the brand "Mikpritja" for structures B & B
  • Financial support for partial adaptation: 8 houses with funding of 500 Euro .
  • Total reconstruction of 4 traditional houses: 2 to Radhime, 1 to Vranisht, 1 to Qeparo with funding of € 4,000