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ORT - Cross-border shared integrated alternative tourism


Area of the project

The project is focused on 2 different regions, geographically not far away from each other, but are very distant in their management, cultural heritage, business orientation and tourism. The cross border region is less developed in economy. The region of Pogradec in Albania clasps Lake Ohrid, the shared resource between the 2 countries, Albania and Macedonia. The surrounding is known for summer vacations, and sports, beach volleyball, swimming, basketball and boxing. There is great capacity for broad tourism services. The region of Krushevo in Macedonia is a living museum, famous for its traditional architecture, cultural sites, and legacy as the site of the great 1903 Ilinden uprising.

The overall objective

The overall objective of this project is to strengthen the small infrastructures in developing and to extend the tourism activities in the alternative types of tourism with focus on Eco-tourism in the cross border region, as well as to open long-term process of regional cooperation in the tourism as a support to economy development in the regions.

Specific objective

The specific objective of the action is implementation of people to people actions to foster cross border business cooperation and training, transfer of know-how for the integrated product (lake and mountain) in the tourism sector. The action will assists to determination of ideas and business prospective to attract world wide businesses.The project’s specific objective is going to be fulfilled with set of activities, in synergy in both of the sides in the cross-border region. Variety of exchanges does facilitate equal treatment of the regions by the project. Splitting of activities between the partners, by running the activities on equal basis is the first prerequisite of the project goal and outcome.

The project consists of 7 tasks :

  1. Definition of project team
  2. Assessment of the touristy capacity of the region
  3. Internship abroad with learning
  4. Training and education on specific topics
  5. Networking of 2 cities to the tourism issue
  6. Synergy of tourist offers in lake and mountain
  7. Regional promotion of alternative tourism for next season