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  • I & A

Interactive Portal between Albania and Italy for culture and touris

The project arises from a common desire of partners to promote innovative cooperation based on technologies to promote tourism and natural resources of cross-border territory of Puglia region (Bari, Brindisi, Lecce), and Albania (Durres, Shkoder, Vlore, Tirana) ...

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  • SSTLA Project

Development of the Local Tourist System in Alban

Aplication based on Law 84/01, Italian Regions The project aim was the development of local tourist system in the district of Vlora, creation of B&B structures, capacity building in the B&B structure.The project was implemented in Qeparo ...

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  • Sitrus Project

Innovative System for a Sustainable Rural Tourism. New technologies

The project SITRuS aimed to offer services to the public administrate, entrepreneurs, public and private touristy operators basing to the territory contextual information. The operative instruments of this service were the data base and the Web GIS open source. The offered services with these instruments were referred “Source repertory” and the touristy organs ...

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  • V.A.L.T Project

Valorization of Art, Culture and Language in Vlora Region

This project aimed the valorization of art, culture and language in Vlora Region.Lead partner of this project was the Lecce Province Italy. This project included 15 partners in Italy and Albania respectively the provinces of Lecce, Bari, Mediterranean Culture Institute of Lecce Region, Albanian Culture and Tourism Ministry. Eco Museum of Rock- Cursi Commune Italy, Auleda-Vlore ...

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  • ORT Project

Cross-border shared integrated alternative Tourism

The project is focused on 2 different regions, geographically not far away from each other, but are very distant in their management, cultural heritage, business orientation and tourism. The cross border region is less developed in economy. The region of Pogradec in Albania clasps Lake Ohrid, the shared resource between the 2 countries, Albania and Macedonia. The surrounding is known for summer vacations, and sports, beach volleyball, swimming, basketball and boxing ...

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  • Craft INN

IPA Cross Border – Albania Greece Program

Traditional arts and crafts, such as ceramics, hagiography, woodworks, stone-works, waxworks, used to be integral cultural parts in the region. Such handicrafts were associated with ancient traditions and formed art masterpieces produced by skilled workers,...

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