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  • SSM Nature

SSM Nature

The project aims at establishing an innovative & cost effective solution for monitoring the Natural Resources of Greece & Albania ...

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  • Wetland Project

Wetland Project

Improvement for the sewage treatment system in Narta School, through the use of innovative ecological system. Area of Intervention: ...

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REC Project

Improvement of community life through the rehabilitation of the green surfaces and environment community sensitizing. ...

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Mileucontact Project

Draft proposal aimed at developing an awareness campaign on air pollution, factors that influence the consequences that are reflected in the health of residents and the role of community in reducing them....

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  • Segnior A


The activities are focused on the environment issues. The aim of this network is to address environmental problems in a wider context, based on ...

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  • ACHIEVE - Zero Plastike

ACHIEVE - Zero Plastike

Urban wastes and their administration, under European environmental standards, constitute an acute emergency that needs intervention. Whether the implementation ...

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According to the legislation on local self-government, the municipal mission is to govern effective, efficient and at the same level as the citizen. ...

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