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Guaranty Funds

UNOPS on supporting the Local Economic Development Agency Vlore and through an agreement with the Bank CREDINS has made available from 2003 a financial fund to guarantee loans to venture into sectors :

  1. Tourism
  2. Agriculture and agro-industry
  3. Fishery
  4. Handicraft and other economic activities

AULEDA through this available fund that is there comes in help of SMEs although there is a financial institution or bank.

Funds Availability

  • People who do not have sufficient guarantees of capital assets
  • Start up (new companies). Priority is given to applicants from rural areas
  • People who have a feasible entrepreneurial idea

AULEDA provides all necessary technical assistance for implementation of ideas to open a business, preparing business plans, business management, market research, trainings, related contracts and agreements for cooperation, product promotion, and certificates according to ISO quality standards.

Credit's fund - Documents Required

Legal documents

Activity documents, documents certifying the origin of assets which the client leaves as warranty, property mortgages, pledges, etc..

Financial documents

Business Plan, ,contracts with buyers, contracts with suppliers, etc.>

Personal data of persons seeking credit

Passport or indentity card

Other documents according to the specifics of the taken credit


Nature and Timing of Loan - Funding ranges from :
  • Min 400,000 ALL
  • Max 10,000,000ALL
  • TIME: From 2-7 years

Equal installments and monthly payment.
Credit provides a grace period of 1-3 months by type of investment.

Terms of Loan

The loan will be used to purchase machinery, equipment and manufacturing materials. New entities will be based on purchase of raw materials for the three months up to 20% of the total loan amount.

Successful Cases

1. Qemal Sulejmani

Type of funding Medium term loans Requested amount - 500.000Leke, Period of loan - 5 years, The aim of the credit - Investment loan, The loan repayment method - Monthly instalments, Guaranty - Truck -chassis number ZCFA95A0002353059, production year 1985, red color with plates VL2764B.

2. Artan Bala

Description of activity - Grape seedlings and wine production , Legal Status - Registered in Vlore Court 19.12.2007, vat no. K77419201U, Type of funding - Medium term loans, Requested amount - 1.000.000Leke, Period of loan - 5 years , The aim of the credit - Investment loan, The loan repayment method - Monthly instalments, Guaranty - Different equipment wine production: various tanks, barrels, other equipment

3. Baftjar Mucaj

Description of activity - Farm - breeding and growing cows, Legal Status - Registration as business with VAT no. L26606203Q, Type of funding - Medium term loans, The amount request -2.000.000 Leke, Period of loan - 84 months, The aim of the credit - Investment loan, The loan repayment method - Monthly installments, Garanty -Land property 13.000m ² of land with the no. Of registration 6767 dated 23.12.2005.