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Farmer exhibition to help them to better reach the market

In collaboration with Oxfam GB, Vlore Region
The aim was the promotion of typical products, produced by the farmers of Vlora District through the processing of milk, meat etc. In this fair have participated 40 farmers and have been exposed several typical products such as: cheese, butter, olive oil, meat sausages etc.


  • 40 farmers and wine producers attending the event .
  • More than 20 products exhibited and sold .
  • Promotion of the typical farmers’ part song – protected by UNESCO .

Wine day and support to wine producers

In collaboration with Oxfam GB, Vlore Region
The aim of organizing the “Wine day” was the promotion of typical products of the vineyards and its processing products: Albanian typical wine Vlosh, Kallmet, raki etc


  • 60 wine producers attending the event from Vlore, Shkoder, Permet, Saranda, etc.
  • Promotion and tasting of the products.
  • A conference for discussing the problems faced by wine producers, attended by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The annual Fair Expo-Vlora

Promotional mechanism mapping of businesses as of the scientific centers that work about the promotion of new technologies promotion as support for the businesses.

Along this activity were identified all local government and non government institutions which have in their structure offices that work for the promotion of innovative technologies.

Such institutions as Municipality of Vlora and Saranda, “Ismail Qemali” University, Institute of Agriculture Technology Transfer as the Chamber of industry and Commerce Vlore pay great attention to the innovative technologies and their application to the local productive system.

The annual Fair Expo-Vlora organized from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Vlore is a very efficacy tool for the promotion of innovative technologies and the contact establishment betweenthe national and international businesses.


Along this activity, the Agency Auleda has participated in the International Fair of Handicraft products in Gjirokaster. The agency in collaboration with the handicrafts of Vlora city presented in this fair different works of this area as: wood works, textile materials products, copper, stone and mosaics, from the handicrafts of Vlora city.

In this fair participated two businessmen’s that realize handicraft works in mosaics including here even the flagstones for mosaics which are known even in the international marketing sectors..


This fair had a great participation from handicrafts of Balkan countries including here Monte Negro, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

The sixth Heritage and Craft fair on Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra foundation (GCDO), in collaboration with city hall organized on 27, 28 and 29 September 2013, The sixth Heritage and Craft fair on Gjirokastra. AULEDA was participating in this fair, presenting some of Vlora City handicrafts works and embroidery or paintings realized by women and men of the Community Mental Health Center.


100 artisans who rapresented 120 artisan manufacturers with their traditional household work (embroidery, carpets), handicrafted woodwork and stonework, mosaics, handicrafte strow, leather and metal products.

Argjiro Fest on Gjirokastra, Crafts Fair

National Folklore Festival Gjirokastra 10-16 May, 2015
The Festival aims to promote and protect the best musical, choreographic, ethnographic values, which were created centuries ago and broadcast to the world all the Albanian folklore genres. A particular emphasis is put towards highlighting and promoting folklore creations; imitation, pantomimic and humorist games; creations related to traditional and ritual festivities; as well as identifying and preserving ancient creations.
‎ArgjiroFest_ON‬ 2015 is an all-encompassing show, where the city of Gjirokastra will be immersed day and night in a party of folk music, costumes, fairs, traditional crafts, exhibitions, film projections, OPEN STAGE with alternative music, including DJs and Albanian folk dance ateliers. This year there are 952 performers from Albania, 102 performers from the Albanian Diaspora in Kosovo, 100 performers from the Albanian Diaspora in FYROM, 50 performers from the Albanian Diaspora in Montenegro, and the following well known contemporary and traditional artists will take the stage of the Festival

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  • Rural Fair Ipatech

    July, 2013

    In the framework of the project: IPATECH- technology in miniature financed by the European Community as well as in the framework of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Agency "AULEDA", took place on 26 June at 18:00 to 10:00 p.m., Rural Fair "Promoting resource area" -with the participation of 30 farmers from the municipality Center, Municipality Novosela and Orikum Municipality.
    For successful implementation of this promotional activity was contacted by the Regional Directorate of Agriculture. The fruitful collaboration with the Food Directorate and the contact points of each one made it possible to have a very good participation of diverse of the area. Following the reports and contacts direct reports working group meetings with farmers managed to have a list that could confirm the participation of 30 farmers with diversified products. For a much better display of products Auleda took measures to ensure all necessary elemenetet for this event. They bought baskets for the fruit and vegetable display, gloves, bows, plastic plates, forks, paper kitchen for a better exposure to dairies and their products, small farmers production of raki, olive oil, wine helped with a small amount of bottles and labels, bleteritesit helped with honey jars, etc. matrial.
    The fair was very well received both by casual visitors, tourists as well as from the community of Vlora. Bio products, diversified fruit and vegetables, dairy products, handicraft products, paintings, wine, brandy, honey, olive oil, medicinal plants and traditional costume colors were also given this promotion.

    Olive Oil Fair Ipatech

    1 March, 2013

    AULEDA in collaboration with the Agriculture Technology Transfer Center in the frame work of IPATECH Project have organized the event: The Extra virgin olive oil is a natural and healthy product. The aim of this workshop was to promote the IPATECH Project and the autochthonous organic olive oil product as well as his nutrition and curative values. The workshop was organized in two sections and the agenda included:
     The promotion of Ipatech project in the local and national level and also connecting the government strategies in this sector,
     Presentations by lecture at international university, by doctors in esthetic field, and olive oil producers ,
     Albania Olive oil in national and international market ,
     Olive oil fair and tasting - The fair of olive oil and testing was accompanied with a festive concert by the Youth Center,
     Study tour at two successful olive oil producers “Musai “ & “Aulona” ,
     Promotion al the local media and also in the led screen ,
     Conclusion and development strategy for the improvement of this sector
    In this workshop were invited to attend and follow the activity: The Minister of Agriculture Mr.Panariti, The Prefect of Vlora Mr.Dervishi, the Director of COI (International Olive Counsels) Mr.Barjol, the representative of Albanian Olive Oil producers Mrs.Postoli.
    The number of participants in this workshop was 70 participants (local and national olive oil producers, representative of agriculture directorate, lector in the University, olive oil specialist and research, association, media, etc.

    Typycal Products Ipatech

    PROMOTION OF TYPICAL PRODUCTS OF VLORA REGION Auleda - Local Economic Development Agency organized the evening of agro-food products from Vlora Region. The evening of wine and food from Vlora Region created the possibility for wines degustation accompanied with cheese, olive oil, meat products of Vlora companies.
    Special guests at this event were participants and protagonists’ of the gala evening organized by Albanian Excellence, people who have build a name with their activity abroad and inside Albania, people that promote not only our products but also Albania.
    The event was organized in the premises of the Bar INI On Friday May 9th, 2014, 19:00 accompanied with traditional music of Vlora Region. For this event was done a promotion of typical products at led screen during one day and inside of the Bar during the event.

    Ipatech & Novosela

    Economic Empowerment of Women-A step towards gender equality. It was held in Tursitik Llogara village , the fair of products made by women entrepreneurs Novosela. 14 women were trained to prepare 10 recipes using olive paste the region's products and 15 artisan soap recipes herbal products. These products were tested during the fair so that in the future to consider the possibility of their introduction in the market and tourist packages to the region. This initiative represents a good model of social entrepreneurship of women with a view to their economic empowerment.
    These activities were conducted in the framework of the Women's Economic Empowerment backed Novosela # UNDP Albania, funds # Swedish Government and implemented by AULEDA, Vlora.

    Shqiperia punon token

    Ne kuader te projektit FOCUS_Ballkan MED, Auleda mundësoi promovimin e 12 bizneseve lokale në panairin "SHQIPERIA PUNON TOKEN",në sheshin “Nënë Tereza”, në datat 12 dhe 13 Tetor 2018. Edicioni i dytë i panairit më të madh të bujqësisë, blegtorisë dhe agropërpunimit. Ky panair solli aromën e prodhimit autokton shqiptar dhe më të mirën e industrisë së përpunimit ushqimor në vend. Në këtë edicion morrën pjesë rreth 659 fermerë nga e gjithë Shqipëria, 70 sipërmarrje ushqimore dhe 39 bashki. Hapësira ekspozuese prej 23400 m2 në zemër të Tiranës u kthye në arenën më të madhe ekspozuese të produktit, traditës, muzikës dhe kulinarisë shqiptare. Qarku Vlore u prezantua me 50 biznese ne sektoret: Vaj ulliri, mjalt, bime medicianle, bulmet, artizanat, vere, punime druri, kostumografi,muzike dhe art.

    Merkatua e Bamirsise

    Auleda në bashkëpunim me Konsullatën Italiane dhe aktorë të tjerë lokal , organizuan: Merkaton e bamirsisë. Bizneset, artizanët, shoqatat etj shiten produktet me çmime të arsyeshme dhe të ardhurat e grumbullura u falën për bamirsi per aktivitetet e : Shkollës PLM Vlorë dhe Motrat Françeskane Alkantarine/ Babicë.

    LOCAL OPEN DAY _Promotion of local products

    U zhvillua sot, më 14 maj 2018, panairi me bizneset lokale, në kuadër të Projekti Focus-Med Ballkan Program. Në këtë panair u përfshin bizneset që operojnë në fushën e agroindustrisë: prodhuesit e vajit të ullirit, prodhuesit e verës, prodhueset e pastës së ullirit, prodhueset e sapunit me vaj ullirit, prodhuesit e frutave, përfaqësuesit e Qendres se Transferit te Teknologjive Bujqesore Vlore dhe Bashkia Vlore. Eventi u gërshetua me muzikën folk të AULONA FOLK 2018.

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