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  • Blue SKILLS


The overall objective of Blue SKILLS project is to strengthen the integration of education systems and vocational training (VET) in the Adriatic area through the harmonization of different educational and VET systems in particular as regards the methods and tools for the recognition of the skills both at educational and professional level, ...

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  • Kepass


The Knowledge Exchange Program for the Adriatic School System (KEPASS) is a project aimed at promoting undergraduates mobility at the secondary school level, responding to the growing need of a challenging ...

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Project Minori

Support in favor of policies for minors in Albania, institutional strengthening for the decentralization of social services ...

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  • Information Center

Information Center

The purpose of realization of this project was to create two information centers which will serve as a reference point for providing information to citizens by the local government ...

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  • Soros Foundation

Social integration of women in the area of Vlora River

The project aimed at improving the social status of women through the collection of medicinal plants generating income from trading of herbs. ...

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  • Swiss Contact

Coach for Employment

The C4A project is a project based on Coaching for Employment philosophy and approach, a pilot project which was funded by SDC and implemented by Alb VET in pilot . ...

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To support professional empowerment of Roma and Egyptian communities in the Albanian regions of Vlora and Berat. To provide 60 Roma and Egyptians living in ...

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Economic Empowerment of Women

In Novosel Area

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In Hor Vranisht Area

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  • Project Mental Health

Project Mental Health

Social enterprised for the psychosocial integration of the patients of the psychiatric hospital in Vlora city . Financed from Puglia Region ...

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  • Economic Empowerment Of Women In Orikum Area


The aim of the project: Women economic initiative to market new products for increasing their income and adding value to a traditional product ...

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